Pornography's Prey - Offering Help with Porn Addiction | About Us
A workshop that will empower communities to overcome pornography addictions. Equip your leaders, pastors, and clients to have the tools needed to guide others from the lure of pornography.
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About Us

Pornography's Prey Workshops Help Bring Healing and Transformation

About Troy Peverall, LPCS

Percentage of People Addictied to Pornography in the USA0%
Adults with Pornography Addiction0%
Teens with Pornography Addiction0%

Troy Peverall (LPCS, LCAS, CCS) is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist and Certified Clinical Counselor. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor with the department of Psychology at the University of Mt Olive, Mt Olive N.C. He is the founder and senior clinician for Agape Counseling Associates, Inc. located in Wilmington and Jacksonville N.C. . After completing his master’s work from the University of Akron, Akron Ohio and having served in church ministry for a number of years, Troy relocated to the east coast to begin private practice. His extensive work includes a broad range of experience with adolescents, marriage and family, addictions, active and non-active duty military, and a concentrated focus with men’s issues. His work has expanded to a wide venue of places including adolescent group homes, recovery homes for men, churches, adult and youth detention centers, psychiatric hospitals and several private practices.

In addressing the addictive struggle to pornography use, Troy’s work is concentrated on helping adolescents, men, women, and marriages in overcoming the strongholds of internet addiction and the brutal assault of a pornographic culture on their relationships, homes, schools, and work places.

Workshop Titles

  • “Pornography’s Prey…. When Pastors, Leaders and the Church become the
    Hunted” ( 3 or 4 hour workshop)
  • “Pornography’s Prey…. When Children and Adolescents become prey”.  ( 3 hour workshop)
  • “Pornography’s Prey…. When Use becomes Addiction”  ( 4 hour workshop)
  • “Pornography’s Prey…. When the Vulnerable become the Hunted”  (4‐6 hour workshop)
Be Free From Pornography